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 Insoutenable légèreté des corps

Atelier 40 - 40 avenue de Flandre 75019 Paris

May 27th to June 24th, 2010

The body is massive, tortured, broken down into clusters of polychromatic material. But, like the protagonists of a new age macabre dance, they are transcended by movement and irony.
The movement, the miraculous result of a mysterious breath of creation, does not proceed from the analysis ... it is not decomposable ... it is breathing.
The videopainting technique further strengthens the dialogue between matter and motion, giving a disturbing dimension to the painting.
Is the "black box" recurring in this series a "totem table" which the artist clings to desperately, as if amused by the allusion to the childhood dreams in which he flew tirelessly, trying in vain to hang on to every piece of home?